Saturday, March 18, 2006

Advice for Young Whipperbloggers

Actually, they're already on it, so this is just advice for me.

  1. Write about whatever the hell you're thinking about.
  2. Don't be afraid to interrupt whatever the hell you're doing to get that thought of yours down in words.
  3. Don't be afraid to write your draft right there in the middle of whatever the hell Word doc or Ruby file you're working on.

The common theme here is Don't Inhibit Creativity. Yeah, duh, but apparently I needed a reminder.

In the “early days” of this blog, I made myself adhere to strict rules about the content and tone of the blog. As a result, the content and tone suffered. Recently, I began removing the rules. Obviously, that meant I'd write more. What was (but shouldn't have been) surprising to me, was that I was writing more posts that met my strict rules. See, the “off-topic” posts, which wouldn't have otherwise been written, keep my mind thinking about different subjects and about writing, and encouraged me to write yet more.

Again, this is probably not news, but it's New To Me.

I could also say something along the lines of, “The compendium of all the things that make you you makes your blog your blog,” but I'm not sure I believe that. Maybe I will as soon as I switch to a blog that supports categories, and thus allows people to filter out my exciting turkey sandwich escapades. :)

(Wha??? Devin, nerd of all nerds, is starting to buy into the old "Be Yourself" adage? What is the world coming to?)

(Sorry, I meant to say, "To what is the world coming?" Sorry, everybody.)

(Also, whippersnapper has an interesting definition.)


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