Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Trumpet Tie!!!

Because I've been getting lazier about my blog, but Jerry's been wanting me to post more often, I'm just going to paste this post of mine directly from one of my (often more entertaining than my posts) emails:

Oh, oops, if you wanted personal commentary, I suppose it would be this:

I've never much modified the way I looked. (In middle school, I started wearing jeans, as means to conform.) I've had the same haircut since, well, the dawn of my hair. For a while, I've had the desire to change the way I look, if only so that I can say it's "mine" and not my parents'. Once in a blue moon, I'll even go so far as to attempt it -- a change of hairdo or clothes. But every time I do, I find:

  1. I don't much like the result.
  2. I don't much dislike the result.

and I've been reading a lot of stuff lately (selectively, I imagine) that's been telling me not to bother pursuing things for which I don't have passion.* Thus (a mathematician at heart, I'm prone to say "thus" from time to time), I've stopped caring about the fact that I dress boringly, and have satisfied myself with the fact that I'm awful weird on the inside.

The End,

* Some go so far as to say "avoid the things that'll make you rich and famous" because chances are the only reason you're interested is the prospect of wealth and fame, and that'll lead to crappy performance at whatever it is, and /that/'ll lead to a palpable /lack/ of wealth, fame, and, oh yeah, happiness.

PS — So to answer your question: I dunno. Whatever it ends up being, it sounds like it's not for me, so I'm not the one to ask. So why'd you ask me? Weirdo.

PPS — Trumpet tie!!!

Mostly unedited.


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